Somner alternate

A small and timid lamb that aids the player by offering to fix the cell phone for the player. He's the arbitrary son of Kemp Lamblea, and an amateur writer of gay erotica. Dr. Somner has an anatomical study of Yaoi published in the L.L.L. entitled The Butler's Company.

Your first encounter with Som is when you meet him by going to the Som Shop through The Floatillery. After a walk through his shop, he greets you with one of his randomly generated quotes. You can play blackjack against him in Hyper Land on the Violet Meteorite. Playing against him will cost you 1 broken cell phone. During the game he has more quotes, in one of these he mentions that he is counting cards "No penalty for counting cards here, y'know." After beating him one of two scenes pop up: one of them has him congratulating you and almost cumming in front of the crowd, while the other has Rox pull out the chair from underneath him as he tries to hide his dick.

In the Hyper Land minigame a card (the joker card) seems to have a picture of a lamb on it surrounded by technology. The genderless bear confirms that this is Som.

By hovering over his body in the minigame, you can see that his difficulty level is "rock hard" and his catchphrase is "pray for a cuter future".