A machinery shop owned by Som located at The Floatillery, where the player can disassemble certain items to unlock other items for purchase with Nuts and Screws. After all possible items have been disassembled the option will no longer be available.

> Disassemble items.

Option Cost Results
??? Capsule x5 Makes the Pastel Ring available for purchase
??? Glowberry Pie x1 Makes the Candy Ring available for purchase
??? Cum Balloon x2 Makes the Mood Ring available for purchase
? W ? Bag o Trash x20 Makes the Curiosity Ring available for purchase
??? Sweetgrass Bouquet x2 Makes the Genderfluiditizer available for purchase
??? Broken Cell x1 Makes the Cell Phone available for purchase

> Buy.

Item Cost
Pastel Ring Nuts and Screws x20
Candy Ring Nuts and Screws x20
Mood Ring Nuts and Screws x20
Curiosity Ring Nuts and Screws x2
Genderfluiditizer Nuts and Screws x10
Cell Phone Nuts and Screws x20

If the "Disassemble Trash Bags" option is selected, Bins will ask for one of the player's Bags o Trash in return for the Nuts and Screws inside. This can offer an alternative to working at Septrica's, as the trash bags can be purchased from the AUTO-SHOP for the low, low price of nothing.

The Som Shop menu also provides the option to snoop, which reveals an encrypted note, an encrypted list, and a heavily pimped AUTO-MYNT. The note and list can be read by translating the letters with the help of the Cypher Key found on the False Moon (or cracked by hand with pencil and paper). It is important to note that Mynt vehemently believes that these papers are meaningless and do not contain any information.