Player Variables are variables set by answering Mynt's questions at the beginning of the game. Some of these can be changed through normal play, others are set permanently and can only be changed in the Dev Menu.

Name Edit

The name used to address the player by most characters. It can be customized to any text, or picked from the list of suggestions:

  • Huskybutt
  • Dankpaw
  • <insert text>

Some Easter Eggs can be seen by typing specific names. The name can also be randomly picked from a broader list by choosing the Randomize everything option, which also randomizes the other stats. Using a ridiculously long name is allowed but can break the user interface. The name can only be changed later using the Dev Menu.

Gender Edit

Gender determines the pronouns used to address the player. Available options are he, she or they (as a non-binary pronoun).

Chest Edit

The player's chest can either be described as flat or boobs. Having breasts or not influences the text of some scenes. This be changed during the game using a Genderfluiditizer.

Junk Edit

The player can have a vagina, a penis, or both, which will affect most sex scenes. The game is written in a way that makes all options worthwhile, but a few submissive characters won't have sex with the player if they don't have a penis.

The Daydream Journal and the Genderfluiditizer allow scenes to be replayed with other genitalia without having to create a new save file.

Mynt's flavor Edit

Mynt's color and supposedly flavor if someone were to lick her, according to her own words. Can be blueberry, cherry or mint. This determines the color of some interface elements under the default skin.