Hello. I'll keep This Brief. Each file of paraphore has a cipher in it that's generated according to your player seed. meaning no two ciphers (probably) are the same. I have completely cracked my cipher, however, and can translate these messages out. One of the end game messages (A Letter To Humanity) is stupidly long however. I can translate it, it'll just take awhile UNLESS some kind, kind soul would type out the entire encrypted message here so I could just copy and paste it into my decryptor. If that doesn't happen ill need loads of time but, ANd I'm sure you skipped everything I typed to read this part, Heres the first paragraph decrypted, just to prove I can:

Dear reader,
I will proceed to argue why and how you should devote your life to the prevention of mass death.
if you read up on the last century of human history before impact, i think you'll find that certain mass deaths -
the catastrophes of auschwitz and the gulag, of the armenian and rwandan genocides, the great leap forward
those were a magnification of individual pathology up to the social level. that dangerous pathology is built into
all individuals(including mynt, although a little indirectly, because our society was literally created out of her pathology).
it lies dorment, waiting to be considered, spoken of, and acted on. that pathology usually rears its head as a social
movement in response to a repulsive, killable group of people that appear to be infecting your society.