Capable of spawning items into existence, and hovering. Accepts Capsules in exchange for certain items and certain items can be sold in exchange for Capsules.


AUTO-MYNT's buy menu.

> Buy.

Item(s) Costs
Glowberry x10 1 Capsule
Sweetgrass Leaf 1 Capsule
Garbage Bag 2 Capsules
Cum Balloon 3 Capsules
Piss Balloon 3 Capsules
Broken Cell 3 Capsules
Glowberry Pie 10 Capsules
Glowberry Wine 20 Capsules
Bag o Trash 0 Capsules

AUTO-MYNT's sell menu.

> Sell.

Item(s) Sells for
Glowberry x10 1 Capsule
Nuts and Screws x20 1 Capsule
Garbage Bag 1 Capsule
Cum Balloon 2 Capsules
Piss Balloon 2 Capsules
Broken Cell 2 Capsules
Sweetgrass Leaf x3 1 Capsule
Sweetgrass Bouquet 5 Capsules
Glowberry Pie 5 Capsules
Glowberry Wine 10 Capsules
VIP Pass 10 Capsules
Pastel Ring 5 Capsules
Candy Ring 5 Capsules
Mood Ring 5 Capsules
Genderfluiditizer 3 Capsules